How Much Notice Do We Need To Give To Make A Booking?

If we have the space and your vaccinations are up to date we can take your cat into the cattery in five minutes! However, peak periods (especially school holidays) book up very fast so it is as well to book your cat’s holiday as soon as you get your dates.

Does My Cat Need To Be Vaccinated?

All cats must be fully vaccinated to come into the cattery and dates of their vaccination must cover their entire stay. Any routine vaccinations must be completed at least one month before they come in and proven by providing their vaccination card on the day of admission. Our strict policy on vaccinations is for everyone’s protection so there can be no exception to this rule, therefore any cat that does not meet these requirements will be turned away.

Why Are You So Strict On Vaccinations?

Standard Licensing Conditions for Keeping Boarding Establishments for Animals (Cats) regulations clearly states:
“Proof must be provided that cats boarded or resident have current vaccinations against Infectious Feline Enteritis, feline respiratory disease and other relevant diseases. The course of vaccination must have been complete at least four weeks before the first date of boarding or in accordance with the **manufacturer’s instructions. A record that this proof has been supplied must be kept on site throughout the period that the cat is boarded.”
**All the manufacturers we were able to question recommended we adhere to our licencing standards and would not commit to any shorter time frame.
Therefore, any routine vaccination must completed at least four weeks before the first date of boarding. This is also a requirement of our insurance policy.
We endeavour to abide by the rules of our cattery licence and hope that you can respect and understand our commitment to this after all, it’s only because we care!

Do You Care For Animals Other Than Cats?

We only board cats and no other animals ensuring your cats get the peace and quiet they deserve.

Do You Take Cats That Have Not Been Neutered?

Under no circumstances do we take cats over the age of eight months that have not been neutered male or female.

Do We Need To Bring Anything From Home?

Only your cat, there food and vaccination certificate, we provide everything else (bowls, litter trays, etc.). All we need is your Vaccination Certificate  and food to accompany your cat. However, it’s a good idea to bring their favourite toy, bed or blanket as this will help your cat settle and feel more at home, please feel free to bring it with you. Please note that any bedding you want to bring has to have a flame retardant label attached for health and safety and insurance purposes. If in doubt, you are always welcome to ring us.

Do You Take Cats Under Veterinary Treatment?

Always ring and discuss any individual health worries with us as each case is individual. In nearly all cases we are quite happy to continue with any veterinary treatment on your behalf.

What Happens If I Am Delayed (Flight Delays, Etc.)?

Not to worry, this happens more often than you think. In the quiet season there is no problem. At busier times of the year, if we do need your pen for another cat coming in straight away, again don’t worry. Your cat can be made comfortable in one of our spacious isolation pens until your safe return.

Can We Make A Booking Over The Internet?

Unfortunately not. Each cat is such an individual in their requirements we need to speak to you personally over the phone.

Can Someone Else Bring Or Collect My Cat On My Behalf?

It is vital that the owner signs the booking form for the cat. Also, no one knows your cat as  well as you do! We need to know and record as much information as we can about the cat to ensure safe care. For that reason unfortunately we must insist that it is the actual owner (or member of household) of the cat that brings and collects your pet from the cattery. If you have difficulty in bringing your cat during normal opening hours then please ring, in most cases we can work something out!

Does My Cat Get To Mix With Other Cats Who Are Staying In The Cattery?

Our cattery adheres to strict regulations that stipulate that all cats in the care of a cattery must never have any contact with another cat throughout their stay. This minimises any health and safety risk and also ensures that a high standard of infection control is maintained.

My Kitten Is Full Of Energy And Used To Running Around And Playing. I’m Worried He/She Will Get Bored In A Cattery While I’m Away.

Kittens are our best customers!! They become accustomed to the cattery very quickly and adapt really well to their surroundings. Bring their favourite toys to help them expel plenty of energy and have fun. Kittens are like Rock Stars, when playing they just love to make a mess of their hotel rooms (so adorable).

I Have Three/Four Cats. Can They All Share A Unit Together?

We have some extra big pens that can be used for larger group bookings so that your cats can all enjoy each others' company.

I Have Two Cats Who Don’t Get On Well With Each Other All Of The Time! Can They Be Separated If Required?

Please discuss this with us when booking your cats. If we have the space we can accommodate this, no problem.

Will My Cat Be Able To Use The Cat Flap Ok? They Have Never Used One Before.

Cats are very intelligent animals (they might not let you know this!) and under most circumstances have no problem using them, due to their inquisitive nature, however we do prop cat flaps open during the day so they don’t need to work it themselves.

My Cat Likes To Be Warm And Never Leaves The Radiator. Will They Be Warm Enough?

Each cat pen has a panel heater which keeps the sleeping quarters at a stable 20 degrees. We also have heated cat beds for any cat that is in need of that extra bit of comfort or heat usually pull them out in the very cold winter months.

My Cat Has Never Been In A Cattery Before, How Will He Cope With Being In A Confined Space?

Cats are very adaptable by nature and in the majority of cases they settle very quickly to their new surroundings. As long as they have a comfy bed,  good food, water and lots of love they are perfectly happy.  As passionate cat lovers we will make your cats stay in the cattery as comfortable and as happy as possible. Most cats on there first time take 24 to 48 hours to decide everything is ok, but it very much depends on the cat. Usually its the one we worry about are completley fine and the one you think will be ok take longer to settle. i will always be honest at the end of there stay about how quickely they settled.